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Jim Britton. A man living his dream...





Jim Britton. A man living his dream...


Jim not only likes to help others get started to mining for GOLD, he also enjoys going to the river to do some prospecting of his own. It takes a lot of time, energy and most of all knowledge and experience to know where the river is willing to pay off. While there is still GOLD to be found Jim will be out on a river bank panning for GOLD to see where the best spot will be to put his dredge in. As Jim says "Remember, GOLD has been found in all fifty states". No matter where you are, there is an area nearby where GOLD has been found before. While mining may not be for everyone, Jim's life is GOLD, and he would rather be outdoors doing what he does best, rather than have a regular job in the city.



What does it take to be a better gold miner?


Jim says "A person has to work really hard and be mentally and financially able to stand the dry spells. Some days I'll make as much as $20 to $400 or even more and I'll do it in a days’ time. Of course you have got to do your homework and you have got to pay your dues. I have been able to make it work, because I have got the full support of my wife. Whether a person is interested in GOLD mining as a hobby, to supplement your income or for commercial use, Jim is the person to see, he is the kind of man who will be able to answer your prospecting questions. This is so, because he not only sells the right equipment, but he also uses it. He knows how things work and what works best. Jim is willing to take time out of his own diving schedule to help a beginner find that "PAY DIRT".



Today, many thousands of Americans are spending their weekends and family vacations with metal detectors searching for treasure of all kinds coins, relics, lost jeweler, bottles and gold. These Americans are on the move into areas everywhere that harbor an abundance of lost, hidden or buried treasure in city parks, fields, along dry river banks, beaches and even in your own backyard!


Generally, one can get some ideas as to where these caches have been lost or hidden. What it takes is some thorough research. Thousands of Americans, young and old, are discovering that “coin shooting” can be very profitable -- not only monetarily, but from the benefits of fresh air and the exhilarating exercise of walking and bending that accompany the thrill of discovery!


Perhaps one of the main lure of treasure hunting today is the combination of healthy recreating with profit. A little time around a previously used campground, for instance, has often yielded enough to more than pay for a metal detector! Coins, such as some Lincoln pennies, can bring as much as $35.00 and Indian heads, quite a bit more! Cast iron toys, bottles, old tools and guns can be worth hundreds of dollars.


Metal detectors are being used to find gold nuggets, veins and other likely locations for gold prospecting. Metal detectors are almost a “must” for locating the old bottle dumps. And, don’t forget the time-honored pastime of beach combing! Make it really pay off when you take along a quality metal detector